Waterproofing Materials
The waterproofing materials vary according to the place where the insulation will be made. It is imperative to use higher quality and more comprehensive materials in places with larger and more people. Of course, all materials should be good, but there are differences between where to use them. For example, the waterproofing materials to be used for the house and the materials to be used for a company are different from each other. The material to be used for the house may not be sufficient for the company.
Best Waterproofing Materials
Among the best waterproofing materials, materials to be used for the home should be environmentally friendly materials that do not contain toxicity. The materials to be used for the company should be adjusted to provide the best protection. As Sas Insulation, our company has all kinds of water insulation materials and the right material should be used according to the place to be preferred.
Waterproofing Materials According to Application Areas
1. Cement Based Waterproofing Material: This material, which is preferred especially for wet areas, is considered as the most problem-free material. Having flexible properties has increased its usage areas.
2. Crystallized Waterproofing Material: It is known as the capillary waterproofing formulation of quartz sand and cement mixtures. These materials prevent the passage of water.
3. Bitumen Rubber Based Waterproofing Material: This material, which has excellent sealing properties, has been modified with liquid rubber bituminous liquid membranes and polymer.
4. Acrylic Liquid Membrane Waterproofing Material: It is a simple and generally ready to use material.
5. Bituminous Membrane Waterproofing: It is a material applied in dry areas using bitumen based boards.
6. Polyurethane-Injection Waterproofing: It is used to cover cracks and gaps in concrete.
7. Epoxy Floor Coatings: It is a type of material that provides a successful coating for high traffic areas such as residences, bedrooms, bathrooms, garages and basements, commercial showrooms and warehouses.
8. Polyurethane Liquid Membrane Waterproofing Material
9. Polyurea Spray Coating

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